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Many companies offers free templates and web builders specially hosting companies have this as built in feature. While there are many advantages of using web builders, there’s generally downside of using it specially if you’re having a professional website for your business. Will show below advantages and disadvantages of using website builders

Let’s talk quick about Web Builders

Website builders are applications or web based applications that is used to create a website pages without any design or coding knowledge. This applications are like editors (as you would with Powerpoint text / image blocks) and necessary tools that can be dragged and dropped elements such as headers, paragraphs, images, videos, buttons, tables, boxes, drawings, forms etc.


No coding skills required – even if you don’t know the basic html, you just can build a site.

No design skills required – with drag and drop and place your text or images at the space you want, the builder will generate the code for you.

Cheap (if not free) – the best part of using a web builder is it’s cheaper than hiring a web designer or developer. Most of the builders are free too which is built-in with your hosting package.

Fast to build – With drag and drop and go, most web builders have built-in “publish” feature that you can put your page over the internet with just a click of a button. No knowledge of html, css, php and etc files or ftp and similar protocols required.


Not suitable for professional business – in our previous article “Reasons why you need a website”, your site represents about you, your company and your business. Design it the way it speak for you in professional way.

Lacking custom designs – most of the builders uses templates where you just replace the texts and the images. Many sites over the internet looks very similar to yours. Modern web builders though uses block techniques where you are able to place eg. texts or images anywhere you want.

Slow loading time – most website builders loads slow, this is due to bloat and overhead codes not necessary for your web page. It is using “generic” output codes from the builder, the longer lines of codes, the slower it is processed and displayed.

POOR SEO – Web builders really don’t have SEO. If it does, it is promoting “their web builders” or “their brands” specially if it is free web builders.

Limited features – you are limited only to what items available in the drag drop elements. If there are nice features, which likely you would want, it is on premium – which basically, you have to subscribe of pay in addition.

If you have a choice

Probably the main reason why people opt for Web Builders is that, it can be self taught and low to no cost at all. That’s probably before you’ve heard about Peps Blogging Services! Extremely low in the market. The reason behind is simple, because, this is a past time and at same time, help small businesses to get into the world wide web. For bigger projects, nah, leave it to companies. 🙂

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