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Why I choose to write my own themes in my blogs wherein there are lot’s of free themes with great looking features?

We’ll sometime ago I did that, jumping from theme to theme until I’m supposed to stuck with one theme that fits my need.. however I keep expanding and expanding contents and features in my blogs. When you have more features, you’ll try to find plugins that suites your needs – that also takes time and probably you’ll find one but premium or paid versions.

Later on as my content and features grows nothing tailored and fitted anymore!

Themes from scratch

My themes are horrible by the way, haha! That was written from scratch without even boiler plates! During slack times I keep re-writing some blocks of code and more on css/stylesheets. Years passed, it looks good (beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, dah) but atleast that’s what I wanted to see. New features added from time to time and more on content and this I needed.

Content is the King!

That’s a blog! The more quality content and feature you poured in, the higher the ranking in Google and major search engines. You don’t even have to know indept SEO, just write more and more quality contents.

Most probably you’re all covered

Do not be afraid to start having a blog because of what have presented above, most likely (95%) your needs are all covered by the current features of WordPress. Your contents can be organized by type, categories and tags technique. (It is just I have different way of presenting my contents 😉).

By the way

As to developers point of view, it really takes time writing codes and fixing bugs to make a free theme work, so even if it is for free, they really deserved a cup of coffee 😉


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