how to change pin for gcash card

GCash have nice feature update in their system beginning September 7 of 2021 which allows users to update their GCash Master Card PIN within the app. You don’t have to go to ATM machines to change PIN’s as normally would. This is very convenient. Also, it is advisable to change PIN (Passwords from time to time reasonably with 3-6 months, see our related articles why.

To change GCash Card PIN

Changing the GCash Card PIN is pretty easy and straight forward. All you have to do is locate in the app where it is in particular location. (Below screen shots are taken during the date of post, may change in future versions of GCash app).

Step 1 – Open the GCash app

Step 2 – Click Profile (bottom right), then look for My Linked Accounts

Step 3 – Click the GCash Mastercard

Step 4 – Details of the Linked Master Card will be shown, then there’s a button “Reset Card PIN”, go ahead and click that. Follow the next instructions. It is guided and self explanatory.

how to change pin for gcash app


If you have not linked a card yet, you need to buy first available in Shoppee or Lazada or even in Facebook marketplace. Once you have the card in your hand, proceed as above and in Step 3, click “Add a CARD”. Follow the instructions. You’ll have your card link in few steps.


Enjoy using GCash App and your GCash Mastercard!

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