Legit Ways of Earning Money Online for Filipinos

We all know that monthly salary is not enough to pay bills, monthly dues (here comes judith they say 😀 ), tuition for the kids, etc.. the list is long. Most of Filipino wants to have something where they can earn extra at spare time either the motivation is to support the family or just plain buying simple wants like latest gadgets or buying that latest dress fashion trend or simply allocating a little extra for dream local or international vacation. Filipinos are skillful and these online jobs really works favorable.

Here are top online jobs where you can earn money

1. Blogging – use your blog to promote affiliate productions or even products of your own. Get PPC from Google Adsense too!

2. Web Designer or Developer – just like Peps Blogging Services (PBS). If you know html, css, java and graphics, you can earn from that skills too.

3. Graphic Designer – design logo’s, postcards, campaign media (used in marketing and social pages)

4. Content Writer – you are good at posting great captions in Facebook or Instagrams, make it a little bit longer, you might be a good content writer! If you can blog, you can be a good candidate as content writer.

5. Social Media Assistant/Manager – celebrities, politicians and the like don’t have time to managed social pages personally, they need assistants.

6. Virtual Assistant – recent study says virtual assistance are becoming more and more popular specially opted to Filipinos due to excellent English speaking and the way they collaborate with other people.

7. Data Entry and Online Typing Jobs – if you have skills and your typing speed is superb, you can data entry works from Upwork and Fiverr.

8. Teach Language Online – many educational online school emerges just teaching English online like RareJob Online.

9. Online Webinars and Course – no wonder you see lots of sponsored ads flooding in your Facebook walls. Online courses and webinars is another good source of having income online.

10. Photography – yes, if you are into photography you can sell your photographs in Shutterstock, iStock or in GettyImages. There are many other similar services out there as well.

11. Sell e-books – if you are expert on a certain topic, you can write and sell e-books for it. If you have a blog, you just can even put a summary of it’s contents into an e-book and sell in Amazon, Clickbank or even within your blog site.

There are still many online legit works available to date. Progressive countries opt to outsource not so critical part of their business online. In Asia alone, biggest contributor is Australia and many Western and European countries outsource online. This is really a millennial era.

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