Simple Web Applications

What are Web Applications

Web Applications or Web Apps, from the name itself is a web based applications. If we compare to applications in your phone, you have native applications which you can easily pull up in main screens. Games, Image editing, Productivity Tools and etc that run natively in the OS of your phone like Android, IOS apps for Apple phones and etc.

Web Applications in contrast runs over the internet or intranet via browsers. No install needed as long as you have the browser supported.

Simple Web Apps

This year only (of 2023), I decided to expand portfolio from Website Making to applications development. This is a response also to clients that were asking for particular apps they are needing to run their business.

Below Web Apps are readily available

Point of Sale with Inventory

A full blown web base applications for Point of Sale with Inventory. 

Create your items as inventory, make and record your sale. Sold items are deducted to the inventory.

Do a restock and reconcilations.

View reports for sellable items and more.

In case you need to try it out, don’t hesitate to contact us.

school system built in website

School System with Built-in Website

A full blown web base applications for School System.

Create and manage teachers, students, parents, librarian, classes like classrooms, schedules. 

Library and books available.

Grades reporting and many more.

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restaurant app

Restaurant / Food Ordering System

Resto App is a restaurant and food order taking system application. It has front view menu for the customers and orders view and confirmations in backend. Views include from admin, kitchen and driver.

Monitor the orders from the dashboard. Check what’s new order placed, change status to in preparation and out for delivery.

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In Active Developments

ship track


ShipTrack is a simple tracking information system. Like Lazada and Shoppee. 

Clients can view where are their cargoes at the current time with option like tracking#, booking# and container#.

Admin can enter shipping information and add statuses of way points of the delivery like pickup date/time and location, in between waypoints until delivery date/time and location.

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