Would be happy and proud to showcase works in the past. These are varied website development from simple to highly customized development, from plain websites to ecommerce to web-apps. Please check out my work porfolio below. You can click the title to actually go to each respective websites.

A2E Cargo Logistics Inc

A2E Cargo Logistics is made from light version and fast loading website hosted in cloud. The requirement is simple as displaying the basic information visitors should know about their business. Additional works provided for A2E is Google Suite and a little of graphics for brochures and presentation materials. A2E Cargo is your end to end logistic partner here in the Philippines. 

a2e cargo logistics


TRIC Marketing

TRIC Marketing is full blown website and an ecommerce. Services included setup of the online shop plus around 50 products. TRIC Marketing includes home and office cleaning kits which provides to big companies.

tric marketing


SG Shopper 

Singapore Shoppers is a user guide for dining, leisure, health and more in Singapore. The project is an American owned website and has unique arrangements. Webbly Frog do consultation work what is best theme, plugins and apps to use to fulfill the needed outcome. There are also coding adjustments as necessary. singapore shopper

Health Screen Laboratory and Diagnostic Center

Health Screen Laboratory and Diagnostic Center is one of the fast growing laboratory and diagnostic center in Cebu City. Project involves conceptualizing of the site design and contents from ground up. Domain service registration, hosting and all necessary setup to be done for website. Health Screen Diagnostic has add on contents provided by Webbly Frog. health screen diagnostic

Tinda Lokal

Tinda Lokal is an ecommerce website with an Amazon like front end. It is sophisticated and built with many feature one can see in an online store. It brings the power of Woocommerce both in desktop and mobile app readily integrated. With this feature, you can monitor you store wherever and whenever you are. Not just that, like any other app, get sales/order notifications right in front of you.

tinda lokal

Pet Lane Pet Care Store

Pet Lane Pet Care Store is a combination of a webpage, a blog and an Ecommerce Store. Project involves development of the whole site, design and adding products to the store. Pet Lane is a leading pet supplies Cebu and in the country. Products ranges from Cat and Dog foods, treats, health and grooming and more. They also have aquatic items as well as cages of various sizes. pet lane pet care store


CAP College Foundation Inc

CAP College Foundation Inc. Project is a portal to it’s main courses upon login. The portal displays more information about the company, overview of the courses available and contact information. cap college foundation inc

Apex Shutters and Blinds Studio

Premium design for client in Australia named Apex Shutters and Blinds. This site development is extension to main site but emphasize more on the products galleries and videos. Apex Shutters and Blinds is a manufacturer of high-end shutters and blinds which manufacturing office is in Gold Coast Australia. apex shutters and blinds

On the Spot Mobile DOT Medical Exam

Premium design for a client based in Florida USA. The development includes front design and fillable online forms. On the Spot Mobile DOT Medical Exam provides certification to truck drivers. On the Spot Mobile DOT Medical Exam is an extended services of the owners of Primary Care of Orange City. on the spot mobile dot medical exam

St. Clare O2

St. Clare O2 provides easy access to medical equipment here in the Philippines to anybody in need and is basing in Cebu City. Hassle free rentals and servicing in the Philippines for any medical equipment. st claire 02  

Gest General Construction

Gest General Construction involves in all kinds of repair, renovation and build from the ground up works for house, school, tennis court and all kind of construction works.

gest general construction  

Expeditive Freight Logistics Inc.

Expeditive Freight Logistics is the leading logistics company based in Cebu City specially for expedited logistics services. They have global business partners and operates globally. expeditive freight logistics inc  

Simple Apps

Iansky Apps

Iansky Apps is a simple employee assignment project tracker. It shows where is an employee is currently assigned and how many hours spent on that project so costing center is properly allocated. It consist of master data, transactions and of course reporting. It’s an HR related tool. 

iansky apps

Expeditive ShipTrack

EFLI ShipTrack is a simple app where customers are given a code and by entering it in the system, they can already track the details and whereabouts of their cargoes or shipments. Administrators can easily update tracking dates and locations intuitively in the Admin Dashboard.  

Blog Setup

Kate’s Little Nook Scope of work is just a setup Kate’s Little Nook blog to a custom domain from a Blogger (Google’s) platform. Few custom finishing touches to user selected theme. You can check it out here.