styling font facebook postes

You may have noticed some people were posting different font style in their Facebook posts and wonder how they do it? Years ago, I was able to do this using Blackberry phone with their native Blackberry OS but Blackberry phones become scarce now and the latest ones operates in Android. Now, leads head in straight how they do it. Very simple, just visit these site:

Here are the top 4 sites for styling your Facebook font posts

  1. LingoJam
  2. FB Fonts
  3. Fancy – Fonts
  4. Exotic Fonts

All you have to do is type the text you want to style, then click generate (some automatically generates), then copy, then go back to your Facebook post in Facebook app or web app then paste. You can do multiple styles in just one post.

Among the 4 fancy fonts provider, I personally choose the first one LingoJam. It has full screen dedicated for entering your text and styling result box.

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