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With the growth of internet and businesses, according to Quora, there are thousands of newly registered domains per day world wide. That means, one of your dream or future domain name could be taken by someone if you don’t register your domain name today. Ranges could be your name for personal blogs or business name for your websites. There are also business that their business is to sell domains, simply put, they buy domains and sell it multiple folds, so when you really wanted that domain name, you have to buy it for very high price.

Having a domain name isn’t costly this time

Competitions in information technology both infrastructure and services and new key players would probably the biggest reason why owning a domain name these days is very affordable compared to early 2000. During earlier years, probably we could only name registrants like GoDaddy, BlueHost to name few, but now, there are thousands of registrants with good services as well across the globe. In the Philippines, you might want to get it from Pinoy Blog Host. This is where Peps Blogging is hosted as well.

Great reasons why have to own “your” domain name today

1. It would still be probably available – as mentioned above, thousands of newly domain names are registered per day, could be your favorite name is already owned by someone else if you don’t acquire it now.

2. Domain integrity – domains that are years online probably is more reliable than newly created ones. Google as well in search results ranks with priority these domains. (We’ll ..depends all with the content, usefulness, relevance and all those logic – content is the “king”).

Caution! Caution!

Don’t just get a domain for the sake of having one. A domain name could break or make your blog, business and brand. Thorough considerations (and research) should be made first.

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