Maybe you have already seen some additional graphics or effects in the Facebook profile pictures, that’s what we call custom frames. You can share your custom frame to anybody on Facebook. It’s really easy and fun to create in Facebook studio in few easy steps.

Step 1. Goto Facebook Frame Studio

Once you are here, select “Create frame” or “Manage frames”. We will choose create frame.

Click “Open Frame Studio” found on the upper right.

facebook studio frame

Step 2. You should have been preparing a .png file (transparent background) from Photoshop or any of your favorite photo editor. Save it to your local drive.

Step 3. Click Upload Art button, select your .png file just saved or simply drag it to the Frame Studio.

Resize and position the image accordingly to fit the circle or the square boxes.

Click next when done.

facebook studio frame

Step 4. Enter a Name and Keywords for your frame, then click next. You are now ready to publish your work. On th next screen, click “Publish”.

facebook studio frame

That’s it. Your work is now available for others to use.

Add custom frame to your Facebook profile photo

On your Facebook profile photo, hover on it and select “Update”. On next screen there is “Add frame”, select that. On the frame selection dialog box, type the publisher or the keyword of the custom profile you want to add shown below.

Drag the slider accordingly to fit your photo.

Finally click “use as profile picture” button.

facebook studio frame

Additional note for publisher

You can share your custom frames to your page in which your audience can click “Try it” then boom, just one click their Facebook profile picture now have the custom frame!

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