ShipTrack Delivery Tracking Application

ShipTrack is a simple yet informative delivery tracking application. You may likely have done ordering via Shopee or Lazada and wanted to see status of the delivery, ShipTrack is simply like that. All of the delivery companies like Ninja Van, JT Express, LBC and etc have delivery tracking status as very core part of their business. With more and more business are going online, some of businesses have their very one tracking app either android/ios or simply by visiting a link in their website. ShipTrack is where it helps small to medium scale business able to have an affordable tracking application.

What is ShipTrack?

ShipTrack is a web base simple application that will help customers track their delivery status. It is a php written application can be accessed via internet browser either in a computer or in a phone. Delivery points can be customized to suit your business model and needs.

Simple end user interface

End users can just enter the delivery number, then the app will show details and where the ordered item is.


Delivery numbers are entered. It can then be subsequently updated with latest status by a click. Organization of routing points are designed and customized in the application so updating is a breeze. Realtime updates are shown to end customers.

ShipTrack Demo

ShipTrack demo is setup if it suits for your business need. Goto ShipTrack App.

For Admin, use “admin” and pwd use “123456”. No login needed for end customers just enter the delivery number TRK1234567890.

For full ShipTrack Documentation go here.