Since we’re building a simple website (not an online store), below are the bare basics, enough to get your business  online.

1 – Domain Name

Think of domain name that fit to your business or business name.

2 – Business Email Address

Normally, will take care of this, would be

3 – Website Hosting

Will take care of this, have tie ups to hosting providers.

4 – Website Template Design

Imagine how your site looks like. Would be easier for both of us if you have a reference site as a sample.

5 – Logo Design

Typically I would not design logo, please provide in .png or jpg or better yet the raw image format. (I will design one if you insist).

6 – High-Quality Images for Website

Picture says a thousand words. You have to provide one taken specifically for your business.

7 – Content (wordings)

In most instances, clients just provide their company profile in office formats. This is just fine and I can add some. However it’s best if owner or representatives will provide the content themselves.

8 – Will take care of the rest

Once I have these information, will start the building of your brand new website right away. Of course, please check out the workflow for our common agreement.


Remember, websites speaks a lot about and for your business. Nice content, choose of wordings and quality images is always better!