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  • April 5, 2020
  • ag molde
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Google is where millions across the globe turns to for answers, big or small, simple or complicated queries. Results returned are rank in pages through search engines complex algorithms. Websites that are on the top of Google’s search results are usually people click first before traversing the next pages.

Being on first page of search engines

Top Position Gets More Traffic

Search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo reports that websites shown on first few pages gets more traffic than those in succeeding pages. When reaching 5th page, people tend to type another key word variants in the search box and see newer results relevant to their queries.

Business Authenticity

Top ranks in SERP (search engine results page) is not only about generating traffic and leads, it increases the degree to which your viewers sees your business as authentic. Study shows that web visitors think the first few websites at the top of the SERPs are amongst the more authentic businesses in that particular industry.

Authority in the field

Websites generally don’t make any traffic but blogs do. Most websites now is coupled with blogs. Great blog articles relevant to your business have an edge as it provides authenticity (as above) and authority in the sense that people goes to your site looking for a workable and effective solution to their inquiries. People quoting your articles in other media or forums is an example.

Reduced cost

When your site ranked on top page result, you don’t need to expense in any other mode of advertising. Social media platforms offer paid ads as well. Though being ranked on top page will eventually changed over time. Your top page article today may no longer be listed in first page few months after.

Many SEO providers plays important role to have your website ranked up in search engine results, but it really doesn’t guarantee. Aim for organic results!

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