How do blogs leverage business
  • December 27, 2020
  • ag molde
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I have created a blog few years ago with nothing aimed specifically, just for the sake of writing about travel and adventures aside from just uploading right away to social media. I just keep on writing and writing during spare time and the articles written accumulated over time.

Grabbing some opportunity

An opportunity knocks and we’ve opened a little store which sells specialty foods or called “delicacies”. Since we’ve just started and a new player, it’s hard to get a market share specially that competitors are super good and well established.

The blog and the marketing role

Never knowing that a blog established some years ago without a direction could be much helpful in gaining that “market share. As you know, it’s not easy for the blogs to show up in the search engines right away like magic. It takes time. One criteria actually is how old is your blog.

Established blog

Since our blog is already positioned, we’ve added few graphics about our product and write few articles. When people search in Google, alas our product showed up! We’ve now even have more visibility than our competitors do without spending a single bucks for ads. We even keep the cost and put value add to our products instead!


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