Free SEO Toolbox for your website

Having an SEO tools will help your SEO strategies. You’ll gain valuable insights how your own site is performing and also spy your competitors SEO efforts.

Check these SEO tools which is helpful for you. There are around 50 Free SEO Tools to try from.

Article Rewriter – Rewrites article content in an instant.
Plagiarism Checker – Check if your article is copied somewhere.
Backlink Maker – Make and submit your site to site or blog directories.
Meta Tag Generator – Create a meta tag for your pages without coding.
Meta Tags Analyzer – Provide insights to your meta tags and descriptions
Keyword Position Checker – Provides instant checking if your site and certain keywords ranked in searched engines.
Robots.txt Generator – Provides proper robotstxt file as you wish based in parameters.
XML Sitemap Generator – Generates XML sitemap for your site or blog instantly.
Backlink Checker – Provides insights backlinks to your site.
Alexa Rank Checker – Checks your rank based on Alexa.
Word Counter – Counts the words on your article. Article should have specific word count to properly rank in search engines.
Online Ping Website Tool – Checks your site rss and pings listed domain sites.
Link Analyzer – Provides information on your links.
My IP Address – Information about your IP in a snap.
Keyword Density Checker – Provides information about your keyword density.
Google Malware Checker – Check against Google about your site cleanliness.
Domain Age Checker – How old is the site?
Whois Checker – Verify who is the owner of the site and some additional information.
Domain into IP – Checks for dynamic URL.
URL Rewriting Tool – Check for redirected pages.
www Redirect Checker – check if force redirect with www
Mozrank Checker – Check your rank in MOZ.
URL Encoder / Decoder – Encode or decode certain URLs.
Server Status Checker – Check the uptime of your server and other information.
Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator – See your page how it looks on different screens.
Page Size Checker – Check size of your page.
Reverse IP Domain Checker – Provides information on reversed IPs.
Blacklist Lookup – check for blacklisted websites.
Suspicious Domain Checker – Check for suspicious sites.
Link Price Calculator – Helps you determine the estimated amount you should be paying (or charging) per month for a text link (ad) from each and every page URL
Website Screenshot Generator – Captures any webpage from different devices using any resolution.
Domain Hosting Checker – Provides information about the hosting provider.
Get Source Code of Webpage – Display source code of the page.
Google Index Checker – Check your index according to Google.
Website Links Count Checker – How many links to a website?
Class C Ip Checker – Simple yet efficient tool that displays to you the class of IP address of the domain which you can use to know that whether or not the same address is duplicated.
Online Md5 Generator – Hash any texts.
Page Speed Checker – Does your site loads faster?
Code to Text Ratio Checker – Proportion between codes against article contents.
Find DNS records – Look for the DNS records.
What is my Browser – Provides information about the browser you are using, version and other information.
Email Privacy – Used to making proper security of each and every mail id due to authorized access
Google Cache Checker – check if cache is enabled
Broken Links Finder – Check your site for broken links.
Search Engine Spider Simulator – View your page as spiders and bots see your site.
Keywords Suggestion Tool – Get keyword suggestions for your articles write-ups.
Domain Authority Checker – Validates domain authority of certain sites.
Page Authority Checker – Validates authority at page level
Pagespeed Insights Checker – Information on page loading speed and other information.

Note that to avoid misuse, you have to use any of this tool upto 10 times only in a day. You may want to comeback the next day to continue. You may also opt to be a member for as low as Php500.00 lifetime. You will be given an login and use as many times as you wish. Contact me as necessary.

If you are availing a website setup and design from me, you will be automatically added as member to use and enjoy these SEO tools.