How do Blogs help leverage Businesses

I have created a blog few years ago with nothing aimed specifically, just for the sake of writing about travel and adventures aside from just uploading right away to social media. I just keep on writing and writing during spare time and the articles written accumulated over time.

Grabbing some opportunity

An opportunity knocks and we’ve opened a little store which sells specialty foods or called “delicacies”. Since we’ve just started and a new player, it’s hard to get a market share specially that competitors are super good and well established.

The blog and the marketing role

Never knowing that a blog established some years ago without a direction could be much helpful in gaining that “market share. As you know, it’s not easy for the blogs to show up in the search engines right away like magic. It takes time. One criteria actually is how old is your blog.

Established blog

Since our blog is already positioned, we’ve added few graphics about our product and write few articles. When people search in Google, alas our product showed up! We’ve now even have more visibility than our competitors do without spending a single bucks for ads. We even keep the cost and put value add to our products instead!

Favorite Hosting Provider in the Philippines

Why do you need hosting provider for your websites?

I was once questioned by the client why he needs to pay for the hosting wherein he already bought a domain from GoDaddy. We’ll they are two separate things. Domain name is the url address like “www.geekyrookie.com” but you also need a space wherein you store your web files.

The Web Hosts are the ones who provide the storage and facilitates this. They are responsible for keeping your website up and running and connected to the web.

It’s a service that houses your website’s resources on the internet: text, images, videos, graphics–everything you see in your website.

Here in the Philippines, here are the list of providers which I have actual experience with. They have best server uptime and responsive customer support.

Zoom PH – Zoom PH offers budget to enterprise level hosting. They’re quite doing the business for several years now in the industry.

Capitan Hosting – One of my personal favorite. Capitan hosting offers budget friendly to enterprise level of hosting as well. They’re newer player but very stable hosting.

Philwebhosting – was one of the best hosting and support I have encountered but they’re already out of business.

dotPH – is the only registrar in the Philippines registering .ph extensions. They are one of the best hosting provider in the Philippines though plans are bit expensive than those mentioned above.

Will include here as well foreign hosting provider which I have also hands-on experience and recommending them should you need 99.9% server uptime. They are reasonably costly given the hosting services they provide. Most of my clients outside of the Philippines avail these providers.

Siteground – most recommended, simple interface and great customer service should you have concerns technically and issues in billing.

Bluehost – if you’re into WordPress, you can take advantage of their one click install. 99.9 service uptime.

There are many great providers not mentioned, though these listed few are one which I have actual hands on experience and recommending them.

If you need help with transfers of your hosting from one provider to another or just need a website or blog setup or other web services, just contact me.

Why I choose writing own themes in my blogs

Why I choose to write my own themes in my blogs wherein there are lot’s of free themes with great looking features?

We’ll sometime ago I did that, jumping from theme to theme until I’m supposed to stuck with one theme that fits my need.. however I keep expanding and expanding contents and features in my blogs. When you have more features, you’ll try to find plugins that suites your needs – that also takes time and probably you’ll find one but premium or paid versions.

Later on as my content and features grows nothing tailored and fitted anymore!

Themes from scratch

My themes are horrible by the way, haha! That was written from scratch without even boiler plates! During slack times I keep re-writing some blocks of code and more on css/stylesheets. Years passed, it looks good (beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, dah) but atleast that’s what I wanted to see. New features added from time to time and more on content and this I needed.

Content is the King!

That’s a blog! The more quality content and feature you poured in, the higher the ranking in Google and major search engines. You don’t even have to know indept SEO, just write more and more quality contents.

Most probably you’re all covered

Do not be afraid to start having a blog because of what have presented above, most likely (95%) your needs are all covered by the current features of WordPress. Your contents can be organized by type, categories and tags technique. (It is just I have different way of presenting my contents 😉).

By the way

As to developers point of view, it really takes time writing codes and fixing bugs to make a free theme work, so even if it is for free, they really deserved a cup of coffee 😉

Phishing attacks in the email

First, what is phishing? The word phishing refers to the term fishing, as in “fishing for passwords”.

Phishing is by far the most common “hack” used to steal passwords. Once they have the password, they can take over accounts and enter systems without authorization. It is a social engineering attack, rather than a true hack in the technical sense.

Phishing can occur through any channel: via telephone, email, a web page, or even in person. In short, it is an attempt to trick you into revealing a secret (such as your password, pin or any other data).

Here are some tips you need to spot in the email.

These are industry standards I’ve learned while working in tech companies.

– Verify the sender, are you familiar with the sender email? If suspicious, delete it immediately.
– Wrong spelling or grammar. (Though attackers are becoming sophisticated )
– There is emotional motivator like fundraising for a sick relative
– There is urgency in action/response like comply by tomorrow else you will lost access to.. etc
– Suspicious domain name/link- such using url shortener like bitly, tinyurl, etc.
– Links in the body – don’t click the link immediately, instead, hover it and see which url it points to
– If you have gmail and similar client, some emails are initially scanned and landed to spam folder. Be careful when it go down there.

On Phone calls

Will include phone calls as well as this is very rampant.

General rule is, don’t provide password, pin and sensitive information to anybody on the call no matter how authentic / legit they sounds. Instead politely find a way to end the call and verify the facts by calling the hotline.  Credit companies or a bank companies have a hotline, call them right after.

Social media

Social media chats are not that secured, not advisable to send through your account numbers and similar information.

How important to be in first page in Google

Google is where millions across the globe turns to for answers, big or small, simple or complicated queries. Results returned are rank in pages through search engines complex algorithms. Websites that are on the top of Google’s search results are usually people click first before traversing the next pages.

Being on first page of search engines

Top Position Gets More Traffic

Search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo reports that websites shown on first few pages gets more traffic than those in succeeding pages. When reaching 5th page, people tend to type another key word variants in the search box and see newer results relevant to their queries.

Business Authenticity

Top ranks in SERP (search engine results page) is not only about generating traffic and leads, it increases the degree to which your viewers sees your business as authentic. Study shows that web visitors think the first few websites at the top of the SERPs are amongst the more authentic businesses in that particular industry.

Authority in the field

Websites generally don’t make any traffic but blogs do. Most websites now is coupled with blogs. Great blog articles relevant to your business have an edge as it provides authenticity (as above) and authority in the sense that people goes to your site looking for a workable and effective solution to their inquiries. People quoting your articles in other media or forums is an example.

Reduced cost

When your site ranked on top page result, you don’t need to expense in any other mode of advertising. Social media platforms offer paid ads as well. Though being ranked on top page will eventually changed over time. Your top page article today may no longer be listed in first page few months after.

Many SEO providers plays important role to have your website ranked up in search engine results, but it really doesn’t guarantee. Aim for organic results!