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I help building clients their business, not only their website. So when they come to Webbly Frog, I will ask a short set of question if they are ready to have website for their business. We don’t want to lost your investments even Webbly Frog’s asking is very pocket friendly, we don’t want to waste your money going to somewhere nothing. Having and maintaining a website is for long term business goals. Read previous article on the importance of having a website for your business.

Simple question if you are ready to have a website

Though there are many considerations if you need a website for your business, here’s the basic and simplified questions.

1. Are you ready for the cost?

Getting your site up needs domain registration and hosting as the most basic ones for infrastructure. Then you need a developer (like Webbly Frog).  You have to renew per year for your domain and per quarter or per year for the hosting. It also needs maintenance where you can ask your developer to maintain it for you.

2. Will you be sustaining your website for a long term goal?

ROI of having a website may not be afront. It will take few more months before your site gain traffic organically.

3. Do you have the content / information needed to plug in?

Developers don’t have these information but you do. Make it handy like logo, some graphics, most importantly what contents to put in the webpage. I have written a separate article for the requirements which you can read here.

It’s a pros and cons and a little of forecast. If you think a website really help your business, go for it. Though I said above “long term” goals, there are now several techniques to boost your website to gain traffic even in initial stages and few days after it goes live.

As Bill Gates said – “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”

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