About Webbly Frog

It just started out with personal blogging in 2017.. After several months many of my friends see that blog and started to ask if I do websites. At first, I’m hesitant because blog is just fun part time when you’re doing nothing and delivering website projects could be a strain. Since many were asking already, I’m telling myself to give it a shot. It is also a way of helping those who wants their business to be online but doesn’t have a technical know how. 

What happened next was a blast, beginning 2nd quarter of 2019, I’ve already got 5 projects and more coming up.

My services includes end to end blog or website setup

  • Domain registration
  • Hosting
  • Web Design (per se)
  • Marketing (to my blogs and social media)
  • Search Engine Optimizations

Later on, these services expanded due to 

  • Administration of GSuite
  • Administration of Social Media Accounts

These services are really budget friendly and insanely low. You can only get it from Webbly Frog!

If you’re interested, please like and share my Facebook page, I’m posting seasonal promotions there.